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5 Great Engagement Photo Poses

So, you just got engaged. Congratulations!

Now, you need to announce it to your friends and family. And, you probably don’t want to just take a selfie with your ring and post it on Facebook.

You’ve got a photographer in mind, but you want to pick some of your own engagement photo poses.

Or maybe, you’re a new photographer looking to delve into the ever popular world of engagement photography.

You’ve got a couple interested in a photo shoot, but you need some ideas to bring with to the table.

When it comes to engagement photos, it isn’t just about getting a shot of the fancy ring. Engagements are about more than just a piece of fine jewelry – they’re about a love between two people.

Whether you’re a photographer or a happily engaged couple, you know that posing for engagement photos is very important.

And, it’s not always as easy as you might think to pick some out.

A Few Tips and Tricks for Taking Awesome Engagement Photos

The location and time for the photo shoot have been chosen. The photographer has their equipment ready to go, and the couple has their perfect outfits chosen.

Now what? How do you prepare for a photo shoot as important as this one?

We’ve got some general advice for photographers and couples before we dive into our top choices for engagement photo poses.

For photographers, photographer Cassie Kreitner on her YouTube channel recommends you arrive early to the location to get a feel for the landscape you’ll be working with. Give yourself about 20 to 30 minutes before the couple arrives to get acquainted with the lighting and make a plan for some ideal places to put the pose ideas to use.

She also advises you to be friendly and specific with your instructions. If a photo looks bad, don’t comment on it. Just keep taking pictures.

And finally, try to capture some candid shots of the couple. If they do something like kiss or laugh between shots, try to snap a picture of it. Sometimes these unplanned poses turn out even better than those with a lot of thought put in.

For our happy couple, we say keep yourselves as relaxed as possible. You want the pictures to look natural, not stiff. Even though we recommend planning poses ahead of time, you don’t want the photos to look predetermined.

Be creative with your poses too. Don’t be afraid to act normally during the photo shoot. Crack some jokes and make each other laugh. Engagement photos are about celebrating you and your partner’s love being taken to the next level. Make the poses showcase who you are as a unit.

5 Amazing Engagement Photo Poses

You’ve booked your photo shoot, and you’ve got our pointers in mind. You’re ready to find some poses.

But, you don’t want to just look through photos of poses on Google or Pinterest.

You’d like some of the most popular ideas for engagement photo poses in one short list.

Whether you’re a photographer or a partner in the newly engaged couple, we’ve got 5 great poses picked for you.

1. To Kiss or Almost Kiss

man and woman hugging

Every epic romance ever written has the big kiss moment. Some people love these moments and want to recreate them in their own engagement photos.

Others don’t like the idea of kissing on camera and would prefer something more subtle, but in similar spirit to the epic movie kiss. For these types, there’s the almost kiss.

For those who love the epic kiss look – no matter what pose you choose – try not to smoosh your faces together too much.

If you want an epic romance feel, one partner can dip the other while kissing. This can look great if executed correctly, but be advised– it’s not as easy to pull off as it looks in the movies. You may need to try for this one a few times before you get the perfect shot

For something a little simpler, but no less epic looking, one partner can hold the other up while kissing. This also works great for an almost kissing shot.

Okay, so maybe you want a kissing photo, but don’t care for the epic look. Forehead and cheek kisses are adorable and romantic. And you have a little more freedom on how to pose your body.

For instance, you can have one partner hugging the other from behind and kissing the front partner’s cheek.

Or if I couple has a height difference, the shorter partner can look up and somewhat behind during the hug and kiss the taller partner’s jaw.

There are a ton of kissing and almost kissing engagement photo poses out there. For some visuals and inspiration, we recommend Pinterest boards like the I Love Kisses board by user Gail Frazier.

Photographers, you should also try to capture some candid kissing moments between posing. Sometimes a couple will kiss without prompting. These moments may mean more to them than the epic kiss engagement photo pose you or they had planned.

 2. The Epic Gaze

couple gazing at each other

If you’re not a fan of the kiss or almost kiss, but love epic romantic poses nonetheless, try an epic gaze shot.

These are exactly what the name implies – you and your partner looking into each other’s eyes with admiration.

You have a plethora of ways you can accomplish this look. You can stand face to face with your foreheads pressed together or have one partner in front of the other – like our idea for kissing poses.

Sometimes these types of poses will happen on their own, especially when you’re going in for an epic kiss or almost kiss pose. Photographers should keep their eyes out for natural moments like these.

And don’t be afraid to make each other laugh during the gaze. Sometimes laughter can make the photo appear more genuine and reflective of the couple.

3. Walk with Me

couple holding hands

The ‘walk with me’ pose is another very popular engagement photo pose. It can be done anywhere and can have any mood to it.

You can laugh and joke while you walk side by side along a beach. Or one partner can lead the other up an epic hiking trail.

Photographers can also take pictures of the couple from the front or behind. They can also zoom in on the couple’s clasped hands. Not all engagement photos have to include the couple’s faces or full bodies.

4. Hanging Out

couple watching sunset at the rooftop

Sometimes the best poses don’t have to be done on our feet.

Sitting engagement photo poses can be just as intimate or fun as the others we listed.

They can also incorporate the epic gaze or kiss.

One partner can sit next to the other and lean their heads on each other’s shoulders.

Or for a more casual feel, you can sit on a couch and have your feet on your partner's lap while you laugh over a shared joke.

Some couples like to include things like sitting in front of a campfire or fireplace for some added adventure or romance.

You can even sit on your bed with your partner and do things you would normally do like chat over some morning coffee or read together. These things may not sound very romantic to you, but they may not appear as mundane in photos as they seem in theory.

Small moments like those can be very intimate and representative of you as a couple.

5. Laying Around

couple laying on the floor

There are a few movie posters that incorporate a couple lying down together that work really well for engagement photos.

One very romantic example is the ‘Fault in Our Stars’ poster. You can recreate this in a number of ways, such as incorporating an epic gaze or a kiss.

You could also add some more humor by sharing a laugh.

Sometimes just cuddling different ways can work for great engagement photo poses as well.

You can also lie on a beach or poolside beside each other as you hold hands while sunbathing.

The possibilities are only as limited as your creativity.

5 Great Ideas for Engagement Photo Poses

With so many ideas and images out there, finding some ideal poses for an engagement photo shoot can be rather daunting.

Great Ideas for Engagement Photo Poses

You can turn to guides like this© one or look at photo collections online for ideas.                             

But you’re not limited to engagement photo poses you see on the internet. Get creative with it. Make your own poses up. 

You could also hire a photographer to follow you and your partner on a date or excursion.

Remember that your engagement photos are about you and your partner – do whatever feels right for the two of you.

Have fun and happy photo-taking.

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